This year, we’re levelling-up our TFF Ambassador Program to focus on building local and regional communities in every part of the world, together with our team of TFF Regional Coordinators. We’re calling on the best and brightest entrepreneurs, designers, scientists, students and more to apply to become local leaders enhancing our movement in more than 100 cities. You can submit an individual application or apply with a team of up to four TFF Ambassadors.

This is your chance to become a local leader and help solve global food and agriculture challenges!

For a period of one year, you will: host meetups, events and other impactful activities focused on raising awareness about food and agriculture and the opportunity to innovate in this space.

As a TFF Ambassador, you will improve your entrepreneurial skills, build a strong network of fellow change-makers and create impact in the local, regional and global level.

We will give you access to exclusive resources, training, and tools that are going to supercharge your leadership skills and your ability to develop a community within your city.


Applications are open until Wednesday, April 3, 2019 – join the most passionate, committed and connected community of changemakers to solve global food and agriculture challenges!


You participated in previous TFF Programs.

Ideally, you have participated in past TFF Programs (TFF Challenge, TFF Academy, TFF Summit). This will be of value for your work as TFF Ambassador because you’ve previously gained a network and skillset. Having experienced one of our TFF Programs firsthand you know what TFF is really about and we are sure that you are on a shared mission. However, we make exceptions for outstanding applicants. You are committed to add value to the TFF Community.

You commit between 10-12 hours a week to plan, organize and execute different events and activities for a period of one year. You will be responsible for finding the venues, promoting the event, recruiting participants, fundraising event costs, etc. You should also help to cultivate new leaders to ensure the sustainability of the community after your time as TFF Ambassador.You team up with fellow changemakers in your city.

Just like a startup, you need to form a strong team to run a local community in your city. Find people as motivated as you ready to join TFF’s mission. Ideally, you form a team with diverse skills (finances, logistics, communications, partnerships, etc), genders, careers, ages and networks. The more diversity you represent in your team, the easier it will be to reach out to different target groups.

For more information, visit the official website of the Thought For Food 2019 Ambassador Program