About the Program

APSA Challenge Science and Technology – Ethiopia 2018: Technologies and Innovations for Sustainable Development is a competition organized by the Association for the Promotion of Sciences in Africa (APSA). This competition aims at promoting research, innovations in science and technology (S&T), and entrepreneurship for sustainable development in Africa. It is aimed at African young scientists and young entrepreneurs.

The candidates will submit a project or a Prototype describing the characteristics of an innovative device they wish to propose as part of the Challenge. By device, it should be understood any technology providing a solution for sustainable development and environmental problems and that can be declined in the form of Clean Energy Production, Up/Down/Re-Cycling, Water Treatment.

The objectives of APSA are:

  • Work for scientific training and support emerging researcher teams in Africa
  • Assist in the development of high-level scientific research
  • Influence the international scientific community to act in these directions
  • Foster collaborations between African and European scientists, and between African scientist themselves
  • Help research Professors from African universities who have set up, under difficult conditions, higher education attracting a growing mass of young people
  • To develop a true shared scientific culture to enable Africa to solve its own problems using the most effective tools, those of the most advanced science
  • Assist African organizations to develop research and pedagogical tools in experimental sciences
  • Promote entrepreneurship and the creation of start-ups impacting Science and Technologies


1st Prize: 2500 euros and a 1-month research stay of a maximal cost of 3000 euros in a High-Tech lab.

2nd Prize: 1500 euros and a 1-month research stay of a maximal cost of 3000 euros in a High-Tech lab.

3rd Prize: 1000 euros.

Main dates

 April 15th 2018: opening date for registration and prototype submission.

July 31th 2018: closing date for registration and prototype submission.

December 2018: Final and prize ceremony.

Registration and Eligibility

Before applying and submitting your file, please read the contest rules (find here the french version).

The Challenge is open to any person with African citizenship residing in Africa.

Applicants residing outside Ethiopia must find their own funding support to participate to steps 3 and 4 of the contest.

Note that during the registration process, you will have to provide a single zip file containing the following pdf documents:

  • the description of the prototype as described by the contest rules
  • a copy of the ID cards of all candidates
  • if candidates are members of an institution, a letter from that institution mentioning their affiliations to that institution and an authorization to candidate.

Please choose below whether you want to start a new registration or, in the case you already applied, if you want to modify your data.

Who can apply to the Challenge?

The Challenge is open to any person, group of people (maximum 5 people) with African citizenship and residing in Africa. (People under or around the age of 18 must refer to the contest rules in Registration page.) The competition is open to all levels, beginners to experts developing devices for sustainable development.

What are the selection criteria?

Short-listed projects must address the following issues:

  1. S&T novelty criteria: What innovations have been introduced into the Prototype?
  2. Environmental and sustainable development criteria: What environmental or sustainable development issues does the Prototype provide an answer to?
  3. Social and Economic Criteria: To which social problem does the project provide an answer? Who could be interested in the project?
  4. Research impact criterion: Which area of research could benefit from the S&T developed in the project?
  5. Pedagogical criterion: Is it possible to produce a simplified version of the device (with inexpensive equipment or material that could be found on local markets) for training sessions in other laboratories or high schools?

For more information visit the official website of the APSA Challenge Science and Technology – Ethiopia 2018 For at African Young Scientists and Young Entrepreneurs (5500 euros to be won)